Better indication of expanded/not-expanded subfolders?


Thanks again for great software. I was wondering if it is on the radar to possibly make the indication of whether a folder/text is expanded/expandable more clear?

The indent for sub-documents being so small, and the lack of a visual indicator that changes its state if expanded or not expanded (such as a triangle that points down when expanded and right when not, or a ‘+’ when scrunched up and ‘-’ when expanded, etc), makes this consistently one area that I find confusing when using Scrivener on iOS. I think the icon for documents with subdocuments (stacked papers), and the right-arrow on the right, are perhaps also a bit too subtle (too pale in color). The arrow being on the far-right is not ideal for seeing if a doc has subdocs and doesn’t change if everything is already expanded.

Thank you in advance for considering these suggestions…

After using the iOS app for a longer period of time, I think that just making the indent deeper for sub-documents/folders would help so much! Right now the indent looks like it’s only 2 or 3 spaces and icons of documents and sub-documents are almost on the same vertical line-of-sight.