Better iOS reading interface (like iBooks)

Hi Scrivener Magicians,

Can we please have a smoother reading experience when reading uncompiled documents in the iOS App? Currently, you need to press the Up and Down arrows to skip to the next sections, and it would be much better if we could ‘swipe’ a page, like in iBooks or on the touch capable kindles.

When writing, I use Scrivener mainly on Mac (and occasionally on PC), but I absolutely love the iOS version, as it means I can both read in a more book/ereader like way, but with the ability to edit and polish as I go. I used to go through a painful exporting/reimporting process, but the iOS made it all 1000x easier. I recently purchased a iPad mini 4 solely to use Scrivener.

I’m more than OK with the missing functionality (snap shots etc) as these are things I only really use when writing on my Mac at my desk.



PS - I love Scrivener, and have been using it almost daily since 2012. I’ve converted no less than a dozen people to the wonders of your app. so please, pretty please, a better iPad reading experience.