Better keyboard support corkboard

I love the corkboard to set out the structure of my text however the keyboard assignments could be a lot better. The way it is now it often happens I tap “enter” and a new, unwanted, page is added. It would be better to have [Cmd-N] create a new page like elsewhere in the application. Pressing “enter” while editing stops editing, it would make more sense if it would insert a newline and “esc” would stop editing. Also I don’t think there is a key to start editing, you’ll have to double click the card, it would be great if all operations could be done with the keyboard…

In summary I’d suggest new keyboard assignments like these:

[tab] - the way it is is fine, switch to the next/previous card/title
[Cmd-N] - Create a new card
[Enter] - Start editing or insert a new-line if already editing
[Esc] - Stop editing

Would really appreciate this being implemented.

Best regards,


To get the exact behaviour you want, just go to Scrivener > Preferences > Navigation > Return Key and:

  • Deselect “Ends editing in synopsis and outliner”
  • Deselect “Creates new item in list, outline and corkboard views”

(The behaviour is consistent across the application.)

All the best,

Works like a charm. Thank you! 8)