Better PDF Exports

Hi there,
another wish I´d like to make for the upcoming Scrivener 2.0 :
When I print a script as an PDF File, with dialogs and scene headings and so,
I would like Scrivener to know, which things should not be seperated.
For example, as a pdf File some pages end with just the name of
the character and the next page starts with the dialog.
Or a Scene Heading and the description of the scene should also not be seperated, when
you export your file as an pdf.
That would help a lot. Hope you figure out a way.
(Of course a “page layouter view” would be great, so i could see before exporting or
printing a document, where Scrivener ist going to seperat and I can
prevent that on my own.)

All the best,

What you’re talking about is “Keep with Next”. Yes, it’s coming with 2.0, as is a page layout view.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Great!