Better scaling on QHD displays

Hi to all!

I bought new laptop with QHD display (3200x1800). Windows environment is by default scaled to 250%. In such a scale Scrivener fonts and icons looks blurry, but you already know that, I suppose :slight_smile:

I tried the “compability” solution suggested in latest release notes. Now fonts look good, but sometimes doesn’t match their places and some menus can’t be used because they shrinks and texts can’t be seen. Also icons are very small.

I tried the “manifest” solution that one can find here in forums, but it caused no effect. I also tried solution from, but maximal scale in this program is 200% and it’s still pretty small.

So I knock my heels three times a here is my wish: Please, adjust Scrivener to QHD displays in some better way, if you can. It’s my favourite program and I hate to see his beauty fading like that :slight_smile:

If you already work on it or if it’s one of those things already implemented on Mac and in queue in Windows version, then I’m very sorry for bothering you and feel free to delete this topic.

Thanks a lot and have nice day!