Better Scapple import options

It would be really useful if it was possible to have more control over imports of Scapple notes into Scrivener. I appreciate each note being imported to separated pages, but if would be great if there was a way to import all of the notes in a “cluster” to be imported into a single page (either an existing one or one created on-the-fly).

I don’t really think this is necessary, given that Scrivener already has great tools for this sort of activity. Personally, I prefer to have things as individual pieces coming in to Scrivener, because one can never be sure of the order from Scapple. Having them as pieces in Scrivener means I can easily move them around and make sure that B follows A, so to speak. Once I have the order establish, I select them all and use [b]Documents/Merge[/b] ([b]Shift-Cmd-M[/b]) to make a single document out of the text. Job done!

But, if you want an even easier approach, assuming that things in Scapple generally come into Scrivener in the right order anyway, then just select the notes in Scapple, hit Copy, and then paste the text into a text document (in Scrivener, or anywhere for that matter).

Between the two of these, I can’t think of anything Scapple could do itself to make this easier. Scrivener already has the interface for outlining, and Scapple has the tools for exporting raw text if need be.

With the Merge Documents feature (which I didn’t know about. Damn you application with all the functionality I need but I’m too unobservant to notice it) I think you’re right. Either of what you suggested would definitely do what I’d like to do. Thanks!