Better Statistics

I’d first like to say that I love Scrivener and look forward to 2.0. One thing I would like to see improved is the Statistics. I’d love to see a preference option where statistics are always visible (such as daily word count). For some of us that have deadlines, I’d like to see something where you can enter your deadline date and Scrivener would automatically figure out how many words you’d have to write per day to reach that goal.

I don’t even know how easy this would be to do, but hey, I can dream. Can’t I?

Thanks again.

You can get part of that with the stats counter (Cmd-Ctrl-T). This has two progress bars: the top for total words written, and the bottom for session (daily). You can set goals for both of these and then just leave that open on the side of the project window, and watch it slowly creep up as you type.

I’m aware of that and use it daily. I’m talking about “advanced” features for the counters, such as the ability to track your progress through large projects versus your deadline. I do this now, but it’s a bit tedious. I think that something that automatically updates would be beneficial to those of us who have deadlines and need to know if we’ve fallen behind or not.