Better use read "Interactive Tutorial" or pdf manual?

What is the better manner, read / do the “Interactive Tutorial” or the pdf manual (scrivener-manual-win-a4.pdf)? I hope, one of them would be enough to read.

Hi Fant,

I strongly recommend you go through the tutorial. That will demonstrate for you Scrivener’s most common features.

In a separate post I recommended specific sections of the manual for you to read. You should read those at least, because it sounds like you have some very specific things you are trying to accomplish with Scrivener and they might help.

Short term, that is probably good enough for you to start being productive.

Then, longer term, once you have been using Scrivener long enough to feel comfortable, you should probably read the manual’s TOC and then read the sections that you think might have useful info for you. The thing is, Scrivener is deep, there is a lot of capability, and the simplest way to understand all that Scrivener can do is to review the manual. This is more or less what I did. My goal was to understand what Scrivener is capable of, and then when I need to learn a particular feature, I read up on it as needed.


Hello Jim,

Yes, that sounds like a very good way, I will do it like that (oops, that big manual, about 340 pages). So I will start with the chapters you recommended, thank you, and after go through the interactive tutorial (looks very big, also).

Yes, actually I would not have supposed that Scrivener is that deep. But the basic use of it does not appear to be that complicated, actually.

Thank you very much

If I may make a suggestion, do it the other way round: do the Interactive Tutorial first, then read selected parts of the manual.

The reason for this is that the Interactive Tutorial (which will take only take an hour or two at most) gives you a very good overview of the whole program, so that you’ll understand the basic building blocks. The Tutorial covers most basic usage scenarios, so if you have relatively standard requirements, then you may never need to open the manual at all… many people don’t.

If you start with the Manual, you’ll be going straight into a subset of advanced topics, when what you need at the beginning is probably just a wide but relatively shallow understanding of the basics. If you find you need more information, then you’ll know where to look because the Tutorial will give you Scrivener’s language for what you’re trying to achieve.

One or two hours only for that tutorial, it somehow looks much longer. OK, that’s good.

Yes, alright, the tutorial first or together with the sections Jim recommended as such tools like “Collections” - I have tried them already - linking docs, metadata, etc. are what I could use very well, if I see it right.

Thank you very much

The tutorial covers the basics of collections, links and metadata anyway, I think… Enjoy!

OK, good, I have just started doing / reading it, the tutorial appears to be quite well done, many thanks.