Beware Using the Trial Version ;^P

… or you’ll be hooked on Scrivener, and will never again be able to use a word processor for long writing projects. That’s how they get you! These Scrivener folks make something that once you start using all it’s awesome features, you feel panicked at the thought of doing without them.

And then there are the insidious discounts for NaNoWriMo participants. Pure evile! So evil, I had to add an extra e!

I actually came to scrivener after using CopyWrite during the previous year’s NaNo. It was extremely simple to use, the interface was customizable in useful ways, but it didn’t really encourage me to break my story down into small pieces (scenes) the way scrivener does. It didn’t have an outline mode where I could brainstorm chapter and scene ideas, then move them around before diving into the writing process, confident that I knew (or thought I knew) where I was going. It was a nice change from word processors that encouraged me to fiddle with fonts, tables of contents, etc…

But as I began to write my NaNoWriMo novel in CopyWrite, I experienced a strange word count discrepancy that didn’t seem to have an easy and safe solution. That’s when I re-discovered Scrivener. I had been a little intimidated by it previously, mistaking the rich feature set for complexity that I would be forced to learn before I could write. This year, my frustration overcame my worries, and I immediately took to it.

I love how Scrivener lets me write using or ignoring any and every feature that simply isn’t available in a word processor. When I realized I could actually see all of my sub-documents in one continuous view, I was hooked. The rest of the features I’ve discovered have been amazingly useful. Thank you Keith, for writing software that you want to use as a writer. There are far too few people creating programs who come at it from your perspective as a user.

Many thanks for the kind words, Robert, much appreciated!

Congratulations on finishing NaNo this year, too (I assume you won :slight_smile: ).

Thanks again and all the best,

Oh, yes, I won alright. Could have done it without Scrivener (and have), but don’t want to ever again. Good luck with 2.0!