Bibligraphy formatting

I’m heading back to school this summer and Scrivener looks perfect for doing research papers. One question I had was how to format the text for a Cited Works page–is there a way to indent all 2nd+ lines, or is the easiest way to just tab them?

I assume I have to layout the page the way I want it in Scrivener and choose “Keep Formatting” when I export it?

You can do that with the ruler, it is either the “T” or the triangle tab. Either you format your export format like that in the preferences (which I would not do since it only applies to references) or you could format your references in the text view in Scrivener and export with this format preserved. I would take this route and furthermore, I would create a favourite style like “References” or so.

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That’s it, thanks. I got so used to looking at the ruler for Word that I couldn’t figure out what I needed in Scriv.

Also, remember that you don’t need to click “Preserve Formatting” for every document - you can set it in the Formatting tab of Export Draft so that the export doesn’t override any formatting if you don’t want it to.
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Yeah, I know, thanks. I’ve got a default writing view I’m comfortable with and will likely just export it to the format the instructor requires.

I also assume if I export the draft with the citations listed as endnotes, I’d probably have to re-adjust the formatting in Word before I hand it in?