Bibliographic software compatibility?

I have just downloaded Scrivener, watched the tutorial video, read some feedback & I am eager to check it all out for myself …

I am not planning on using Scrivener for novels/plays etc but rather for research/academic papers. I ended up here because I am looking for a program that allows me to save files/images etc (I have been testing app drawers as well but don’t like the thought of having to jump between apps) … at this point it looks like I may have found what I am looking for except …

bibliographic software … does anyone have suggestions of what is compatible or what they have tried??

For the record - even if Scrivener does not turn out to have everything that I need, it’s come the closest so far to actually integrating the best of a few programs into just one & for that I thank you!!

Try searching the forum under these terms:

bibliography, bibliographic

You’ll find much discussion and also how-to tips.

Hi Druid

I was actually just doing as you suggested

Many thanks for the reply though & apologies to all for not being more thorough before I posted … :blush:

I did do a quick scout around before posting & thought perhaps the biblio problem wasn’t a general concern as most people seem to be novelists etc .

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Welcome aboard the Good Ship Scrivener, shanshuprophecy, just be careful who you talk to. You need to keep your eyes peeled around the likes of, Druid, for example :wink:

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I’m moving this to the technical support area of the forum, as I think you’ll have more luck in getting answers from users there. There are a number of academic users who should be able to give you a good answer or point you in the direction of earlier posts that have the answers you are after.
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Some of the academic users use Scrivener in combination with MultiMarkdown. If you output to a LaTeX document, you gain access to all of BibTeX’s features regarding bibliography formatting.

If you have experience with LaTeX, then this is definitely worth looking into. If not, it depends on your willingness to experiment and how much writing you will be doing.

I’m biased (since I wrote MMD), but far and away I think it’s the best way of writing an academic (or non-academic for that matter) work. It has a lot of flexibility in how it processes the final output - a layout for publishing as a book, printing to the web, or just about anything. In fact, I just recently released an update that includes a better letterhead setup that allows me to quickly format a plain text file as a high quality letter with letterhead that matches my hospital’s requirements, including the logo.

One thing’s for sure, though — the final product from LaTeX will definitely look better than almost anything you create with RTF or Word. But it’s certainly not for everyone.

There are plenty of people around this forum that can offer their experience with using the MultiMarkdown format that are less biased than I.

If you just want to see an example, check out

It includes a source Scrivener file, and an example of just about every format you can generate (most of them automatically, I might add) using MMD - LaTeX, PDF, RTF, XHTML, and RTFD.

Vic-k … what a coincidence! Odd welders are a preference of mine :wink:

Thanks to all who posted - it is much appreciated

Fletcher - thanks for the suggestion, I have started a ‘test doc’ to give scrivener + bookends a whirl. I have seen one compatibility problem so far (it doesn’t seem to recognise my doc for scanning for refs) so I am certainly open to other options & may give your suggestion a whirl - as long as the learning curve isn’t too steep as I have a stitch already … hehe


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I use Scrivener and Bookends too and it’s a great combo.

But I’d recommend you to add Mellel to complete the three academic’s musketeers.

Mellel is a word processor in the traditional way, dedicated to academic writing, and has an amazing Bookends integration. Unless you really have to produce a perfect printer’s copy this probably will do it. (If you have to, you will spend lots of $$$ for InDesign or go the LaTeX way.)

Scrivener is perfect for the writing process itself but sometimes to finalize a text layout wise another program is needed. Doing the most important part, the writing, in Scrivener, sometimes with the assistance of Bookends, and bringing it into good shape in Mellel is the perfect work flow for me.

Give Mellel a shot, check out the try out version. And if it fits your needs, you can get it bundled with Bookends for a really fair price.

Vic … worried … definitely worried … :smiley:

suavito - many thanks for your input - I have a download of mellel & will give it a whirl - ANYTHING to be gone from word & MS office !!


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