Bibliography Manager

I have just bought Scrivener for Mac and will be using it for writing a dissertation. I have the full version - not the trial version. There was nothing in the tutorial about the Bibliography Manager. I have found the Bibliography/Citation under Format, but get a message that it could not be found. I checked Preferences and next to Bibliography Manager it has ‘none’.

Please advise on how to add the Bibliography Manager.

Does section 21.6 of the manual help… … df#page308

From the manual (p.465):

So you need to supply your own bibliography manager (such as EndNote, Bookends or Sente) and then use this feature to launch/switch to the app from within Scrivener. Personally, I used EndNote for my thesis. Partly because it is very flexible and powerful, but also because it was supplied for free by my University.

Thank you - I am looking into the Bibliography Managers mentioned. I have been using Refworks online. Does anyone know if Refworks can be used with Scrivener?

Personally I’m not familiar with Refworks (other than seeing it mentioned on various journal sites as a downloadable format) so can’t offer anything specific. However it is likely to work in much the same way you use it with other applications in the it inserts temporary citations until (I presume) you run a final process to convert them into fixed references and generate your reference list. This last step is best left until after you compile to Word (or your word processor of choice for finishing your document).

Hi - did you ever figure out how to link RefWorks with Scrivener? I have the same issue… I use RefWorks online through my university, but not sure how to make it work with Scrivener. I will be really sad if it doesn’t work…