Bibliography workflow for eBooks


I got to the point that I need an external reference management /bibliography tool. Then, obviously to compile the bibliography, people tend to scan some produced RTF e.g.

In the case of directly compiling an eBook (amazon or epub format), how can I simulate or replace that step? The point I don’t get is that my eBook will be compiled from all the small parts and chapters in Scrivener. Isn’t the part of then generating a single RTF which then gets scanned against the point of Scrivener of having all the parts of your work in separate subdocuments?

Thanks for any hint,



ok - let me try :wink:

It seems to be the best, to do this manually in the following way:

  • hold the bibliography in any of the recommended tools
  • Write your text Scrivener style in many subdocuments in Scrivener
  • enter remarks for adding citations
  • in one large batch run at the end of the writing process add the citations and references manually toeach text (per Word, Pages, RTF editor etc …) per chapter
  • let compile the bibiography for each chapter file
  • then compile eBook

Is that the way to go?