Now that we have wonderful Scrivener iOS could you please suggest an app for bibliography that:

  1. Possibly syncs with a desktop software (for example Bookends)
  2. Copy formatted citation and paste in Scrivener.


I use Papers 3, which I have on both my iPad and my Macbook Pro.

I am a user of Bookends, and I have the light version for iPad. Before I buy the full version I would be certain that it works with Scrivener. With the light version there is no way to get a reference formatted and paste it into Scrivener, unless I am wrong. Moreover, Bookends on Tap has not been updated for many months and I suspect that will not ever been updated. Please advise.

And Bookends on Tap, their companion app. 8)
Must still dig in and see what the interplay between the two will be wrt copying/inserting Footnote/Citation links is, but sure something will be possible.

Might be wrong myself, but that’s certainly not the impression I have. From what I gather, BoT is still being actively developed?
Haven’t tried the integration yet - but will pop something up as soon as I get round to it - hopefully this weekend!

If you are more adventurous and/or tech savvy, the combination of bibdesk and pocketbib works well. It takes some work with an workflow to get the formatting. But the real advantage for me is that you can paste an x-bibdesk:// URL and it will work on both platforms, hence easy to link back to your bibliographic records and thence to a PDF.

Here’s the editorial workflow I use, if anyone’s interested: … qBICxjgvwM

Papers 3 handles both searching, reading, annotating, and organizing all your pdfs and references. And in case you need some extra feature which can be handled with Apple script, they are willing to help with that.
I have had no problems. Do all my reading and annotating on the iPad, and insert cite keys in Scrivener on the Mac when I write. Inserting cite keys is possible also on the iPad now.

You are right: BoT was lastly updated January of this year. So we hope that soon Jon will work on a new version to be compatible with Scrivener iOs. So far I think that you cannot cite any reference from BoT to Scrivener.
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Emilio Speciale

My understanding is a major update to BoT is coming later this year.