Big ending or wrap it up??


have finally got to the very last chapter :open_mouth:

Now I have to make the big decision - do I “go out with a bang” and throw in a couple twists (which could lead to a second book ) which I do have a couple ideas for… or do I just neatly wrap up the adventure for this one and see what happens for this book?
What are your experiences on ending your first book. Is it better to show that you could have a second book out there or is it better to conclude the one you have already?
Thoughts? :neutral_face:

Always leave them wanting more.

I’d say the choice of ending would depend on the story you are writing. Is the story a standalone or do you want to leave the potential for sequels?

I love adventure stories so I would say give it a triumphant ending that wraps up most if not all of the current plot elements but perhaps introduce something new at the end that could lead to a future adventure without leaving the story hanging. You have an endless choice of options you can use by the time you get to the ending because you’ve already done the hard stuff.