Big scrivener project won't open after crash

I’m sorry if many people have already asked for this, but I just want to know what can I do, since this is the first time I’m unable to open a project from Scrivener. This morning I was working on my MBP, and it froze. So I shut it down and when I opened it again, Scrivener had to resync the files I had opened prior to shut down. Two of them were opened perfectly, but one of them is a little bit big (330 MB, it has a couple of huge PDFs) and now it won’t open. I found another thread where someone had a similar problem.

First appears this message:

“This project was either not closed properly or is currently open on another machine. Please note that if the same project is open on two machines concurrently, data could be lost. Before the project can be opened, its search strings need re-synchronising. This process could take several minutes. Continue?” I click okay and after a while says: “Scrivener has unexpectedly quit would you like to send an error message to apple?”

I can see inside my package and everything seems to be there, including the “ui.xml” file. Question is: what can I do to open my project again? Should I erase the PDF files that may be causing the crash?

Please help!

From what I’ve read of other folk that have had this problem, you’ll probably want to open your package and try to open each PDF individually in Preview. One or more will likely crash Preview. Delete the offending PDF file(s), and you should be back up and running.

If you suspect bad pdfs, try opening each one in another application. The bad one will fail so you will know which one to replace without have to delete the entire set.


EDIT: What he said!


I’ve done what you said and every single PDF opens just fine. I just said it could be a PDF thing because that’s what Keith said in another thread. But I wasn’t reading a PDF when I had to force my computer to shut down. I wasn’t really doing anything weird. It just was a bit too hot, that’s the only strange thing. Besides that, everything was really normal.

Now I really need to get that project opened, it’s kind of urgent. So please, how does one proceed when Scrivener can’t open a project?

Even though all PDFs opened just fine on the finder, I removed all of them and this time Scrivener was able to open my project… :smiley:

Well… at least I got everything back. Thank you, people!

Well, I’m glad you at least were able to get it open. :slight_smile:

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