Big Scrivener Survey Results (again)

Just making another post to see if anything has been released somewhere around the big scrivener survey that was done at the end of 2020. I know there have been a few goals to release the results and talk about what (if any) steps L&L is ready to talk about that they are taking as a result of it. I have looked in the forums and on the blog page and don’t see anything. Are there still plans to discuss that information?

95% of respondents identified as human.

39% said they’d gotten older over the previous 6 months.

By far and away the most popular pastime of respondents was “writing”. A very distant second was “writnig”.


There was definitely something missed in the survey, or the analysis, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what right now.


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Don’t blame yourself. Not everyone can have my innate ability for economics and statistical analysis.


It’s the 2.1% “Golden Retriever” and 0.7% “hamster” that are the real shockers, here. I honestly expected Scrivener to be much better represented in those segments.


Hate to revive a dead thread I created a while ago but I still have the same question. What ever came of the results from the big scrivener survey two years ago? KB was going to share the results with us but I don’t believe I ever saw a blog post come through about it.

Two thirds of respondents confirmed that if their life was a book, the genre would be “biography”.

100% of respondents said they were happy to fill in a survey.

1 in 5 respondents thought that if “adult” books means what they think it means, the genre of “young adult” needs an urgent rebrand.


99.2% were happy. 0.5% were told to by their partner/spouse. 0.3% didn’t realise it was a survey - they thought they were ordering pizza.

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