Big Sur hates my old projects

I’ve finally updated my 2012 MacBook pro to a 2020 model with Big Sur. I had all my data transferred and just as I was about to rejoice that nothing had been messed up in the transfer, the project I’ve been working on since 2017 will not open. It crashes Scrivener. And it’s not just because it’s huge, even small old files crash. I can create new files with no problem.

Side note… last time I tried to open this file on my iPhone or iPad (yes, I’m drinking the Apple juice I know), it wouldn’t work. Something about not being compatible. I never expected to be dumped by a computer program via text.


Thank you.

Before you ask. I’m using Scrivener 3.1.4 and have been for awhile now.

You’ll need to update to the latest, 3.2.2, because that’s the Big Sur compatibility update.

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Got it! It worked! I figured out how to update all on my own (it was easy, I’m just 85 years old) and now it will open! You’re my hero, Silverdragon. Thank you.


@CarmenLoup Age on its own does not have to be a barrier to understanding tech. Great that at 85 you are willing to give it a go! Kudos!!!

While well short of your very impressive number I retired from a highly complex role at Apple yesterday, a few months shy of 70. I hope to still have it together if/when I reach 85!


Oh, thank you, that’s so sweet! I have to admit now that I only feel 85 :sweat_smile: I am retired at heart! I just can’t keep up with the kids and their TikToks and their crytomonies :laughing: