Big Sur - Text color override no longer working in dark mode

Hi, I think I’ve stumbled upon a bug w/ Scrivener and Big Sur:

Since I’ve updated my Mac to Big Sur, the option to override text color in dark mode (either in the Editor or Composition modes) doesn’t work anymore. I can still keep the main Editor window light via the Scrivener/Appearance menu item (not optimal, but workable) but Composition mode has become completely unusable in dark mode: my text is invisible, black on dark blue.

Any chance this will get fixed in the next minor update? Thanks!


Same issue w/ notes, bookmark previews and snapshots in dark mode…

Already reported (

Someone else suggested lightening the Editor background to a lighter grey as a workaround.

My bad! Thanks

It looks like the latest update has resolved this. :slight_smile: Have a great day.