Binder Access In Composition Mode

Hey guys,

New feature idea. You know the Inspector HUD that you can pop up while in Composition mode, right, as well as the (rather cumbersome, iMHO) “Go To” Menu at the bottom, also in Composition Mode, right? Well, why not combine these features? Why not put a section into the Inspector simply called “Binder,” and have the different sections of the ms. appear there, instead? This would make navigating a project in Composition Mode MUCH easier, and would eliminate one more reason to switch back to regular Windowed mode. I find myself doing that all the time, just to avoid using the Go To Menu, because I tend to write novels, and the result is a TON of menus and submenus to navigate. Thanks for considering this!

—Andy H.

That would unfortunately require re-implementing the entire binder in Compose. The idea is to use full screen mode (rather than Compose mode) if you need regular access to the binder, as that allows you to slide in the binder (and remember that you can set it up so that full screen mode uses different colours to non-full screen mode, including different coloured text, so you can set it up similar to Compose mode). Another option is to use Favorites to navigate between documents quickly, if the documents are ones that you access frequently.
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Years later, has this changed? I would find a Binder appearing in Composition mode when called, or at mouse hovering, very handy. Maybe it is now easier to implement?


Sort of. It’s possible to show Project Bookmarks in Composition Mode, which can serve as a miniature Binder for frequently accessed documents. It’s also possible (at least on the Mac) to open Composition Mode on a second virtual or physical screen, while the original project window remains accessible.

(Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be possible to change the contents of the Composition session from the main project window, though.)