Binder Affects Inspector (for Outline)

Forgive me if this already exists in the Windows beta - I can’t seem to find it.

In Outline,

When I select a (e.g.) Chapter in the Binder, the Outline pane displays its Scenes, and the Inspector displays the Chapter’s Synopsis.

However, when I edit a Scene synopsis in the Outline pane, the Inspector switches focus to that scene, and I can no longer see the chapter’s Synopsis.

I think it would be useful to tie to Inspector to the Binder.

The introductory text of chapter 13, in the user manual PDF, describes how the inspector is intended and designed to function. It is meant to inspect what you are editing, or what you have selected in the editor itself. What you propose would be frustrating for those that actually want it to work the way it is designed to. Consider if you were clicking on different cards in the corkboard with the intention of inspecting them (adding notes, adjusting metadata, etc.), and there was no reaction from the inspector, because it was locked to the thing in the binder that you clicked on, the “corkboard” itself. To in effect do what they wanted, they would have to leave the corkboard view and edit the individual item each and every time, and then manually return back to the corkboard when they are done.

The current design provides the least resistance to the alternative method—which is in this case, what you want to do: inspect the container itself. To do that, one merely need use the Edit ▸ Deselect All command, or Ctrl+Click on the selected item to return the selection to the “background”. This is far easier than juggling in and out of outliner/corkboard view.

what good information, thanks