Binder Affects Top/Bottom with vertical split

When I have a vertical split, the current version of Scrivener (1.10) gives me the option of the Binder affecting the top or bottom editor instead of the left or right one. I don’t think this was the case previously.


I can’t reproduce this. More info?

With a vertical split, i I go to View > Binder Affects… or select Binder Affects from the binder’s contextual menu, it offers Current, Alternate, Left or Right for me, not Top and Bottom.

I have tried closing the split, creating it via the buttons or via the menu, closing Scrivener and re-opening but still it always works fine. I’ve also checked the code and there is no reason for this to be happening…

I would be grateful if you could post the exact steps to reproduce.



I just updated my project from the previous released (non-beta) version (1.03, I think), and I already had multiple documents open on both the left and right sides. Now when I go to View > Binder Affects or select Binder Affects from the contextual menu, I get Current, Alternate, Bottom, and Top.

I’ve closed and opened the project, and it is still the same. I’m running Tiger, if that makes a difference. I’m reluctant to close the left or right binder, because I’ve got a big, organized history on each side, and the Bottom/top thing isn’t really bothering me…but if you want, I can shut it all down.


Ah - I’ve got it. It is a very minor and silly bug whereby if you update a project that has a vertical split open, the Binder Affects > menu will say the opposite (Top/Bottom when there is a vertical split and vice versa).

I’ve fixed this for 1.11, but you can easily fix it yourself for your open projects by doing the following:

Go to View > Layout > Split Horizontally to change the orientation of the split. Then go to View > Layout Vertically to reset it to vertical. This should get everything back in sync. (Note that this won’t work if you option-click on the split button sin the header - you must go through the menu for this to work.)

Thanks and all the best,

That did it. Glad to hear it’s minor and already fixed!