Binder after Full-Screen View

I’m working on a lo-o-o-o-ong project. Scrivener is proving to be an invaluable tool, and the best program I’ve ever used to write, period.

The keyword functionality is incredibly useful, as I am able to work on disparate sections separated by literaly dozens of other sections.

I’ll use keyword to bring out a particular line of the book I’m working on, then write/rewrite/edit a section, usually in full-screen mode, as it is less distracting.

The problem I’m having is, when I get out of the full-screen mode, the binder shows me ALL of the sections of the book, instead of just the ones I had previously selected. Therefore, to see just the sections I am interested in, I have to go through the keyword panel again.

Is there a way to avoid this? Or in the next upgrade, would it be possible to keep the sections I selected with Keywords in the Binder?

Also, another issue concerning the Binder: After I use Keyword to select a subset of sections, when I want to quickly go back to the entire work in the Binder, I have to select one section, then go to the lower left hand side menu, and then select “Reveal in Binder”. Would it be possible create a button in the toolbar, or some other easy-to-use way to go back to the entire Binder?

Note, this isn’t a criticism of the Binder, the Keyword or anything else—they’re the reason I’m such a fan of Scrivener. It’s just ideas/queries that might help to perfect this really amazing program. Thanks for your help or comments.


Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener.

With regards to the search table being replaced by the regular binder after leaving full screen, try downloading the 1.5 beta from the Beta Testing forum (or wait a couple of days as it will be released as an official version this week). That should fix this issue.

For reveal in binder, you can use the opt-cmd-R keyboard shortcut rather than going through one of the menus, which is by far the quickest way to get back to the binder with the document selected in the search selected.

Hope that helps!
All the best,