Binder and Editor Not In Sync

I’ve noticed that the binder and the editor don’t stay in sync. For example, if I click on a document in the binder, then click the back button in the editor, the first file is still highlighted in the binder not the one that is open. I know there’s a ‘reveal in binder’ option in the editor, but why would the binder not always have the current document highlighted?

I was puzzled by this too in my early use of Scrivener (not that long ago: this thread). Turns out it’s a design choice, with a rationale given in this Knowledge Base article. Note the shortcut given there for Reveal in Binder: Ctrl-Shift-8 on Windows; Cmd-Opt-R on Mac. I wind up using that a lot. I’m not crazy about the way this works, but there is a logic to it.