Binder and Inspector Location in Layouts

Is the Binder hard coded to the left of the Editor and the Inspector hard coded to the right also, even for Managing/Creating Layouts? I was hoping to create a custom layout where I could put the Inspector and Binder side by side, preferability both on the right with the editor on the left, for a sort of rapid synopsis entry, keyword and metadata association, with a bookmark tie for future scenes that were revealed in process of writing. You know, because I’m a pantser/plotter hybrid. :smiley:

Hope this makes sense. Tried to find something about this in the forums and manual, didn’t see it.

Am I missing how to do this or is it not possible?
Thanks in advance.

AFAIK this is not possible. As another pantser/plotter hybrid, :wink: I use the Outliner view in the left editor, a Scrivenings view in the right, and use the Navigate>Outliner Selection affects>Other editor option, so that anything I click in the Outliner pane shows up as a Scrivenings in the other pane. I select my Outliner columns so that I can edit almost all my metadata from there. I usually leave the Binder closed, and the Inspector open on the right.

With such a setup, the only things you mentioned that aren’t available for edit in the Outliner pane are the Bookmark tie, and Keywords.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. I can work with that. :smiley: