Binder Blunder

Instead of having my binder set up like this: manuscript>chapters>scenes, I somehow managed to set it up like this: chapter>scenes. There’s no manuscript folder, so my novel’s title is the name of a chapter and my real chapters are listed as scenes within it. Is there a way to fix this without starting over?

There are three folder in the Binder which you can never delete, because they have special purposes. They’re usually called

  1. Manuscript (or Draft) for the content you’re going to compile
  2. Research
  3. Trash

However, while you can’t delete any of these, you can rename them, and that’s most likely what you’re done here: you’ve accidentally renamed ‘Manuscript’ to ‘Chapter’.

All you should need to do is rename it back to Manuscript and you’ll be back where you started.

Does that help?

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Yes! Thank you! I believe I may have done exactly what you said (renamed the manuscript folder).

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The basic folders look like this:

If you haven’t changed the icons, the Draft folder looks like the one on top.
You can duplicate that folder with Ctrl-D and rename the folder.
Consequently Rename the Draft folder and remove the documents from the folder.
Drag all the chapter folders into the Draft folder.


That sounds easy enough. I’m going to try it now. Thank you!