Binder changing size. Please help.

Okay! After using the nano trial, I successfully bought and am using Scrivener with my new discount… but I have an odd problem. It’s a very tiny thing and wouldn’t bother most people at all, but I have a tendency to be a tad OCD, so it bothers me a whole lot and I’m hoping someone can help.

With the nano trial I never noticed this problem. Ever.

The size and space between files in the binder is changing. I do not like when it does this. It used to be that every file I opened… no matter through what method (i.e. starting up scrivener and that being my most recent file and thus opening or opening through “recent” projects within scrivener or whatever) no matter how I opened it… the binder looked like this. See screencap.

But now… whenever I open Scrivener the first project that pops up has a normal binder… but any projects I open after that have a binder with weird spaces. See screencap.

This is not an issue of one project having more files in the binder! Because I have replicated this “Hitch” by opening the other file first and then opening the other one (with more files) when the one with more files is opened second it does the weird spacing thing too.

This is also not an issue of my zoom size… All of them are always kept on the standard 130% zoom. always. And changing this as an experiment doesn’t change the size of the text in the binder anyway… just the size of the text in the documents…

So can you help me fix this so that my binder stays the same no matter how many projects I have open and no matter how I open them like it used to be :\ this problem is driving my OCD tendencies CRAZY!