Binder Color codes

Hello out there in cyberspace…

I’m working on my second Scrivner-based novel, and I have a request :smiley:

Would it be possible to add the color coding feature to items in the Binder?

I don’t know how anybody else works, but I’m all over the place.
A bit here, and a thought there…
My Binder is full of folders and files of loosely linked thoughts and events.
As things start to take shape, and characters do what characters do, things get spread out and all of what little bits of organization I had managed to create have scattered to the four corners.

If I could color code the individual entries in the Binder, I could have an easy visual way of tracking characters, or concepts, story threads, etc.

It would be a ver simple and flexible way for visual people to try to make sense of the world.

On a related note - LOVE SCRIVNER - never be able to get through a novel until I found you.
I don’t know how to use 5% of it, but the little I know has made all the difference for me.


What you are looking for, I think, is the View/Use Label Color in/Binder menu command. If you’ve never used labels, you can access them most easily in the Inspector sidebar, in the General section.

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If you’re trying to track characters, you might find that keywords are a better fit, if you want to track more than one or two in a given document. In the cork board, you can make it display each keyword’s color chip on the side of each index card, and they are very useful for searching out all of the documents that have “Dave_(Present)”.

There’s an excellent discussion on the implementation of your own keywords here: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=16255 Maybe someday, one of us lazy louts will write up pigfender’s methods and put it in the Scrivener Tips forum for easy reference.

Haha! Hahahahaha!

Ok, when I said 5% maybe that was overstating things a bit.

I’m not very good with TFM to begin with, and the depth of TFM for Scvriener is way beyond me.
I poke along, and things get written.

Thanks for the help - it won’t be the last time I need it!


I mostly use the manual when I can’t figure out how to use a feature, but I do know the name of that feature. For becoming more familiar with what tools Scrivener provides you, the videos linked to on the main Lit & Lat support page, and the tutorial project (you can create one by selecting it from the Help menu) are well worth your time. Think of them as survey classes in college: they skim over most of the more complex parts of the discipline being examined, but they do give the attentive student a vocabulary to discuss the subject, ask better questions, and to know what search terms to use when investigating a particular topic related to that discipline.