Binder color?

What color is the binder? I am trying to get my Document notes to match it’s color, but I cannot find it exactly. Is it a web safe color? If so what #?

Oh and another question, is there a way to get the width of the text editor to match the width of the full screen editor? Other then guessing? Thanks!

These colours can be found in the “Fonts & Colors” tab of Preferences. In the top section you’ll see two banks of options, and in the right-hand bank at the bottom is the Binder background option. In the left-hand column, second from the top, is Notes background. To duplicate the Binder colour, simply click and drag that colour chip and drop it on the notes chip. You don’t even have to look at the palette.

Close, yes, but probably not precisely. Go into Full Screen settings tab and disable “Hide main window”, near the bottom. Now close the Inspector (if necessary) and place the window on the far right leaving enough space for the scroll bar plus about half-a-scrollbar. Enter Full Screen, set the paper position to “Right”, and in the right-hand side of the HUD, drop the opacity down so you can see the main editor, then use the paper size slider on the left to get it close. It operates in increments, so you might not hit it precisely. If you are especially picky, you could adjust the default editor width in Preferences to something that Full Screen increments to. :slight_smile:

Yup, that did it. Thanks Amber! :smiley: