binder colors

In the superb last version 1.01, binder colors are lost after a Save As Template.


Hmm, I cannot reproduce this, but then, I am not quite sure what you mean.

By “binder colours”, do you mean the binder’s background colour set in the Preferences? Or do you mean the icon colours (label tints)?

By “after a Save As Template”, do you mean that as soon as you do a Save As Template the colours in the binder of your current project are lost? Or do you mean that they don’t appear when you create a new project from the template? If the latter, and you were referring to icon tints, then you need to turn them on again via the View menu (templates don’t remember view settings such as this).

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as always I was sure it was a bug but it was not a bug, it was my unbearable haste… So sorry! :blush:
Scrivener I love you :open_mouth: