Binder document icon listing

Is there a listing of the different document icons shown in the binder that explains there differences?

index card
blank doc
doc with text
doc with turn down corner
etc. (see below)

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at Wed, 1 Dec, 07.53 AM.png

index card = Synopsis exists, but no text
blank doc = neither synopsis nor text exists, the document is empty
doc with text = text exists, document no longer empty (synopsis may exist or not)
doc with turn down corner = at least one snapshot exists of this document

Thank you I could not find in manual.

It’s discussed in a demonstrative fashion in the Quick Start, and also in the Wiki FAQ, but I intend to expand the section on the Binder considerably for the next revision. It was a bit lean this time around.

Thanks Ioa. I must not know what search terms to use in the wiki, never found it. It’s ok. Andreas answered my question. Thanks again. I love the feature, it is a great way to see where work is needed.