Binder does not Sync with Scrivenings in some Cases

Earlier, I complained about Scrivener’s failure to sync binder location with the document in Scrivenings. I have been able to duplicate this. While in Document 1, I search for text in another Document, Document 2, using the Quick Search bar. I find Doc 2 and locate my cursor within it. However only way I can get the binder to highlight Document 2 is by using Navigate - Reveal in Binder.

That sounds about right.
Why would Scrivener decide on your part to navigate away from where you were ? As you have a way to quickly do so yourself.

In some other situations (where the user only wanted to look for an info then step back, for e.g.), having lost the binder’s position would end-up being the problem.

Just integrate whatever shortcut you have for reveal in binder to your routine, and it’ll be quick. After a while, you won’t even think about it.

Okay - Scrivener has no way of knowing if I want to work on Doc 2, or am just referencing it. I see your point. (although maybe in the future there might be an easier way of reverting back and forth between two docs.)


Oh, duh, thanks. I’m coming back to Scrivener after a long time away. Appreciate the tip!

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You could even split the editor and have your two docs side by side.


Top right corner of the editor.