Binder expansion controls...

I run, occasionally, a few different Windows themes, as well as some themes from Stardock’s WindowBlinds.

And I notice something: in the Binder, with some themes, the little “+” or “>” signs to expand or collapse folders are VERY small. Everywhere else in Windows 10, the icons for expansion/collapse are normal sized. Scrivener, however, appears to shrink them to perhaps 1/4 size or smaller. So while a “+” or “>” might be 12 pixels wide in File Explorer, in Scrivener Beta 12 it seems to be 5 pixels wide. Literally, black frame a pixel thick, white border a pixel thick, and a dot (1 pixel) in the middle.

And only Scrivener shows this behavior. As long as i’m running just Windows default, everything’s fine, but other themes show this problem.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.


Now, in that, the Binder text is 36 points (just to make sure the problem wasn’t a font size issue). If I set the Binder text size to 8 points, those little expansion markers stay the same size.

And in some themes, those things are 1 pixel on the screen. On a dark Binder background, they’re invisible to me.

Now, it’s possible it’s the themes, but I’m wondering if Scrivener does something strange to those icons (like shrink them), because this only happens in Scrivener.

Let me be clearer. In unretouched partial screen captures (so actual size):

In Explorer++, they look like this:

Easily visible.

In Xiphos, they look like this:
Again, easily visible.

And in Scrivener, they look like this:
Almost invisible. Now imagine those against a darker background.

In the THEME’s definition of treeview controls, those controls are 9 pixels square. Why is Scrivener shrinking them?

This behavior happens ONLY in Scrivener, so far as I can tell. As shown, other programs don’t do this; they use the theme’s settings.

The user does have control of the Binder font, so certainly I’d expect the binder expansion icons to resize with the font rather than remain fixed.