Binder File Names as Chapter Titles?

Hello, I wrote an entire novel being certain that the name of the files in the binder will become chapter titles. Imagine my surprise after trying to Compile :wink:

Is there a setting or an option somewhere that would use the binder names as chapter names? Or do I have to create chapters by hand in the binder?

When you compile, after choosing what kind of compile settings to use (Novel, most likely), you have to assign your chapter section types to a layout that includes the binder title. Are you aware of how to do all of that? If not, I suggest looking at the appropriate section of the interactive tutorial project and/or looking for Scrivener 3 compile tutorials available via the “Learn & Support” link at the top of this page.

Thank you, and no, I’m not aware how to do that – the Compile settings are so complicated my brain switches off and tells me to cope on my own… I will review the materials you advised!

EDIT: I’m sorry, this is nuclear physics level of complicated… I will just export the files and do all remaining stuff in Ulysses. The Compile is so complicated it’s unusable for regular folks.