binder: find file or folder

a little question:
If I am in the mode, I can see a view of the composite of all text-documents
(see image - the left button compos.PNG)
– how can I see in binder, in which text-file / -document it is?
I mean this: tatort.PNG

I know, that I can use the search-option – but I think, that could be easier.
If not – that will be a suggestion for a next version of scrivener. Is there a plan of a date for a new version?

Hope, you can understnad me.

Best greetings


This is for the Mac version of Scrivener. … ings-mode/

Think it will be similar in Windows.

that was a very quickly answer.
It looks, if this are what I am looking for. Unfortunately, it seems that is only for Mac-version?

It would be very interesting to know, when a Windows-version of scrivener will get the same features like the Mac-version.

Thank you for the tip.


If you have the inspector open, and your text cursor is in the document you are looking at, look at the title in the synopsis pane–that will tell you which document has the focus.

@rdale – ha ha ha
Thank you very much for this. Cool.


It should be able to reveal the item you are currently typing in. The shortcut is different (Shift-Ctrl-8) but it’s in the same menu position: View/Reveal in Binder. That is a general purpose command, applicable in a number of contexts, and like I say it should work from Scrivenings. If it does not, it’s a bug—I see we do have one filed for a similar issue already.

the comand in the menu works. But the shortcut in windows is Ctrl + Shift + 8 – this works for me – not so comfortable like on a Mac? – but it works.

Thank you very much

Sorry, that is correct, I fixed the post. :slight_smile: If you don’t like the one we chose, you can change it in the Keyboard tab in options.

Thank you, the more I Scrivener watch, it will be better.

But nevertheless in looking forward to an update.