binder font sizes

It would be nice if we could change the font sizes of text in the binder, it would also be nice if you could give it a color highlight.

Maybe this feature is already there but I can’t find it.

You can adjust the binder font and size from the Appearance section of Scrivener > Preferences (Mac) or Tools > Options (Win); on the latter, this is under the “General” heading of the Fonts section. You can choose to display label colours in the binder via the View > Use Label Color In > submenu; “Icons” will colour the document icon in the binder and throughout the interface, and “binder” will give you a colour bar behind the text, so probably like the highlight option you’re seeking. You can apply a label to a document via the inspector or by selecting one or more items in the binder, corkboard, or outliner and right-clicking to bring up the context menu with a “Label” option.

Thanks so much taking the time to post a reply, really very helpful.