Binder Fontcolor

can someone tell me if I can change the color of the font directly in the binder?
normally the font is black, but since I changed the background color of the binder, I want to use white font.

unfortunately i can’t find anything in the settings…

You can when you create a Theme. Since you’ve already changed the background color of the binder that seems to be your best option. Now, creating a theme is not the same as changing an option, it’s much more work and fraught with difficulties.

In the .pal-file that’s part of the scrtheme zip, the Binder background color is called Base(255,0,0) //Binder BG! and the Binder font color is Text(255,255,255) // Editor text, Binder titles, Binder header text. In the QSS stylesheet in the same zip-file an exception is made for the Binder selected item color, overruling the color in the palette called Highlight:

QTreeView::item:selected:!active {
background: rgba(0, 90, 110, 130);

HTH, If you’ve got questions, let me know…

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thank you for the info.
I use the windows scrivener version.

how exactly can i create a theme anyway?

the save theme to file option in the settings is disabled.

i downloaded the theme navyGolden from the forum, there is no .pal file, also the direct file NavyGolden.scrtheme i can’t edit in any editor - it’s probably not a txt or html/css file…

i can’t find the installed themes in the scrivener folder ;(

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I hinted at the fact that the .scrtheme file is a ZIP-file. You have to rename the file extension to .zip and open it in a dedicated software program like winzip or 7-zip (not the Windows file explorer function to look into compressed folders).

In that zip-file you’ll find the .pal and .qss-files I mentioned in my first answer.

To load the theme back into Scrivener you’ll have to do the reverse: compress the four files a theme comprises into a zip-file and rename it to .scrtheme.

As I said: Creating a theme is fraught with difficulties. :slight_smile:


ok, i understand…
then i understand now :slight_smile:
thank you for the quick reply

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If you change the binder color to a dark enough color, the color of the text in the binder should automatically change to white. So, you might want to save yourself the trouble of creating a theme and just play around with adjusting the color to a little bit darker for that automatic color change to kick in.


MANY THANKS, this is fantastic, just tried it :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

I noticed another error in scrivener 3 - windows.

if the font in the binder is white and you want to change the chapter or the name in the binder, you can no longer see the text. so if i want to rename… it would be better if you rename and the font is then black. if you press enter, again white :slight_smile: maybe in the next update ?

There’s a known bug in dark mode with the text disappearing while editing it in the binder, so I’m sure that will be fixed in a future update. In the meantime, the text should re-appear when you hit Enter or you can adjust the binder color back to a lighter shade so that the text is black—the bug only appears when the text is white.

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