Binder gone - what to do?

My binder for this document has gone. I didn’t do anything, it just opened up this way. Now there’s a pink pane, with ‘new collection’ on top of it and I can’t find a way back to my binder. All the content is still there - I can flick back and forth using the arrow keys on top of the text - but I need my binder overview back.

If anyone could help that would be amazing!


In the left top corner of the New Collection pane there should be a small x. Click on that and it should close the Collection and take you back to the Binder.


It sounds like the creation of a new Collection wasn’t something you meant to do in the first place? Might as well remove it, and meanwhile find another way to switch around between sidebars:

  1. Use the View ▸ Show Collections menu command.

You’ll see a list of “tabs” you can click on. You can pull up the last global search you did, switch to the binder, etc.

  1. Click on your pink “New Collection” tab if necessary.
  2. Click the - button in the upper sidebar header (up by the word “Collections”), and confirm its removal.
  3. Finally the View ▸ Hide Collections command will hide the tab list.