Binder hierarchy and related text becomes jumbled

I keep having parts of my project becoming embedded within projects. So I have a project named “Kazakstan”; when trying to work with the outline and adjust the structure of the outline I (invariably) end up with my project draft folder buried deep inside of a lot of empty hierarchy; so I have draft folders buried within draft folders (or files). It is frustrating because the information I want is still there But I can’t move it out. I get lots of options about changing files to folders and salon , but nothing that helps. And I can see what I want in the “recents” tab, but there is no obvious way “to me” to revert to those files/ folders/ text documents back into main project. It is maddening. I don’t know if Dropbox sync would help but I work and live in China and Dropbox is blocked. I share files with my Mac using AirDrop.
So I have repeatedly found myself in the position of deleting the whole project on my iPad and transferring the project over again from my MacBook. I have worked with outlining programs all my life, and I should be doing better with this. Please, any help would be appreciated. (My Mac problems are only related to compile issues, not scrambled projects). I like working in coffee shops with my iPad so I would appreciate any help I can get ! I realize I may be missing something obvious. Thanks

IOS 11.4.1. Scrivener 3 on Mac with High Sierra

I think a portion of the following L&L video will address what you’re trying to do. It demonstrates positioning and hierarchy in the Binder/outline. Watch from about the three minute mark to six (whole vid is worth watching): … een?os=iOS