Binder highlight sync?

I’ve noticed that if you navigate using one of the methods besides clicking on a binder level, the highlight of the binder doesn’t synchronize with the item(s) being viewed.

e.g., if you drop a reference into the header, the text view shows the correct text, but the binder still has the previous section highlighted. I expected it to highlight the section currently displayed in the text view.

Is there some utility in not updating the binder highlight that is eluding me?

As I recall, the thinking behind this was as follows:

  1. the binder controls the text view, not the other way around
  2. in a split view, which document should be hilighted in the binder, if the binder selection follows the text view?
  3. when you use the forward/back navigation buttons to change documents and then want to get back to the last one you clicked on in the binder to start working on, it’s still hilighted in the binder

I think there were other reasons in addition to those, but those seemed to be the main ones.

Thanks janra, for summarizing that.

In fact, I still have difficulties with this behaviour. I know they are not your arguments, but since you summarized so well, I will leave some remarks to please Keith and Eiron :smiling_imp:

(1) sophistic…
(2) the active split
(3) a pop down like in history pop down buttons in web browsers would be more helpful.

I know, Keith doesn’t like these ideas of mine, at least he did not quite a while ago, but people never stay the same, hope is always there, life is unforseeable, Scrivener is getting better and better every day, and there is Eiron with his peasants and torches and forks…

All the best,

Sorry Maria,

I’m afraid it’s harvest season (must finish this play!) and the pitchforks are being put to better use. You’ll have to argue this one on your own with the evil landowner.

back to the fields.


you are not invited to our hot springs…

Please check out the FAQ where this “issue” (actually “feature” :slight_smile: ) is dealt with. Suffice to say, it won’t change, as it is intended behaviour and I prefer it that way - and in fact, most such apps act the same.

Thank you for the pointer to the FAQ. I searched before posting, but my search terms didn’t bring up that part of the FAQ.

I request a pref checkbox that automates this behavior. I can see situations where either behavior could be a real time-saver.

Thanks for considering it.