Binder Highlights in Split Mode

One of the things I’d like to see is when I’ve got the Binder open and I’m in split mode, that both files that I have open in my split are highlighted in the binder. As it stands, it’s possible to have the split open with two files showing and neither of them are the one that’s highlighted in the Binder view. At the very minimum, the file that you’re currently “in” should be highlighted but also the second file that’s open in the split should also show up as a less intense highlight in the binder.

From a practical standpoint, I’ve got a file called Revision Notes beneath each of my scenes. I go through and select my scene in one pane and then my Revision Notes in another. I read through my scene and make my notes. But the highlights in the binder can be misleading. It can have one Revision Notes or Scene file showing as highlighted even though it’s not the scene or revision note file that I’m actually working on.