Binder "icon" for presence of Document Notes?

The icons in the Binder usefully show whether a document has content or only a synopsis. I can’t seem to find any indicator for those documents that have notes attached to them too.

I draft my projects by creating synposis and that shows in the binder as a index card icon. When I add content to the document that shows as a document icon. But I can’t see any visual feedback in the Binder for there being an associated document note. Have I missed something or is this feedback not there?

The icons only indicate the presence of the synopsis or main text, not notes or other meta-data.

I’m not sure exactly what you want ultimately, but you may find it helpful to create a dynamic collection of all the items containing notes. Use the asterisk “*” as the search term and limit the search to “Notes”. You could further limit it to just the Draft if that’s all you’re interested in. Then use “Save As Collection” from the search menu and every time you select that collection it will update with all the items containing document notes.

Ah, that search idea does exactly what I want. :slight_smile: Hadn’t even thought of using that.

I only needed to know which documents had notes (about a dozen) out of the 150 documents in my manuscript/draft.

Brilliant. Thanks.