Binder Icons question

I know it’s not yet possible to change or add binder icons in the windows version of Scrivener but I have a set of icons I designed for a mobile PIM application some years ago and I’m keen to adapt them for use in Scrivener for when that feature’s implemented.

So, a few questions…

1 – What technical parameters do I need to know? I understand they should be 16x16 but what file format? If I can use PNG, does it use the transparency? Any colour restrictions? What else do I need to know?

2 – Is there a (hack/fudge) way to test out my icons in the current Windows version? E.g. by adding them to a certain directory or replacing the current icons or whatever?

When they’re done, I intend to share the icons on here for anyone else to use in Scrivener. So…

3 – Will the same files be usable in the Mac version? If not, what changes are necessary for the Mac?

4 – Is there a shared (Mac & PC) resource forum/web page for this kind of thing (icons, templates etc)?

Oh, and if Lee would like to share when that feature’s likely to be implemented, I’d be very happy to hear it :slight_smile:

Icons will be resized to 16x16, so for best results make them that to start, or make the image slightly smaller and pad it so the file is 16x16, which is how many of the default icons are (because of shadows being added). PNG and TIFF are the best formats to use; Scrivener will convert others like JPG and GIF to those. You can use transparency and whatever colors you want (given that you can only have 256 pixels anyway :wink:).

Note of course this is all taken from how it works on the Mac version currently so although I assume it will be the same on Windows once the feature is implemented, there could be subtle differences. Also, just a note, there are a number of higher priority features still to be implemented, so this may not be coming to Windows for a while. Once it does, though, the icons will be useable on both Mac and Windows, so for instance projects where you’ve saved the icon as part of the project will transfer from one platform to the other and keep the icon. Mac users will be able to download your icons and install them and vice versa.

There’s no forum thread set up at the moment for sharing icons, but I’d suggest starting one in Tips and Tricks if you’re going to post some icons to share.

Thanks for the info. I have a couple of other questions…

1 - Are there any file naming restrictions?
2 - Is each icon in a separate file or can several be grouped into a single file? If so, how is it arranged?

Edit: Actually, if someone can upload a few (if no all) of the icons that come with Scrivener, that would be very helpful in ensuring mine will work.