Binder Idea

Hey Keith, all,

You know what would be great? If the contextual menu for Binder items featured ‘cut,’ ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ commands, as well as ‘import’ and ‘export’ commands for convenience. Also, one big thing I’d like to see, is in addition to that would be a ‘Title Format’ submenu, where the user could select ‘bold’, ‘italic’, and ‘underline’ as well as menus for font-face, size, and text color and highlight color (these would not be inherited by the Compiler; they’d be just for show). This would be a way for Scrivener users (or at least those of us who wish to do so) to customize the appearance of Binder items, by overriding the default settings that were specified in Preferences. I recently ran into the urge to do this — I had wanted one Binder item italicized but the others left alone — while working on a large project. True, it isn’t the most whiz-bang of feature requests, but I think that the Binder and how we organize it — and how we visualize the structure of our projects using it — is just as important as the content we fill it with, and these additions would be a nice way of addressing the needs of us (few though we might be) who might want to do crazy stuff like this.