Binder indicating synopsis status

Gave a non-exhaustive search, but didn’t find this request:

I find myself using index cards like post-its quite often – just a note in the title. Then later, I waste a lot of time click-checking them to see if I wrote additional notes. Another user lost track of his notes because he put them in the synopsis instead of the text window.

Would it be non-non-trivial :wink: to have the binder indicate whether a binder item has synopsis data or text?

Maybe it could it be as simple as making the icon have three states:

Perhaps there’s a need for a fourth icon for pages that also contain synopses, and a paperclip to add to folders to indicate they have synopsis data.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

If you hover your mouse pointer over a file in the binder, a tooltip appears with the beginning of your synopsis text.

Thanks, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Yes yes yes. I vote for this.


As I said, not an exhaustive search. I’m glad to see others have asked for similar things.

I hope Keith considers my approach, because the title-only/title and synopsis distinction comes up quite a lot for me.