Binder Is Literally BLANK

My file upon loading shows a completely blank Binder, even though the Corkboard, Inspector and the Scrivening panels all recognize that there are files/folders in a Binder. What is going on and how do I fix it? This has happened before and upon several attempts at reloading, it seemed to fix itself. It no longer seems to be able to do so anymore. I really need help.

I suppose it’s not possible that there’s a search active for a word that doesn’t exist in your project?

I suspect the Navigate → Collections command will show that you’re actually in an empty Collection, rather than the main Binder.


So, when this happens again, which I have no doubt that it will, how do I get out of collections and get back to my main Binder?

Navigate → Collections, and choose the main Binder from the list.

Alternatively, the sidebar should list the Binder as one of the available “Collections” tabs.