Binder item formatting questions


I have just been making some entries in the binder that have long[ish] titles and of course the title gets chopped at the width of the binder.

Q: Is there a way to make the title of a folder or text item wrap to the width of the binder by any chance ?

Q: Also about the stamp display and / or the label color. Can either of these be displayed in the binder in any way ?

I realize that the stamp may be a problem but was wondering about possibly changing the icon for one with the stamp displayed in miniature or maybe just a different icon for the item to indicate a stamp is set ??

what I am trying to do is get a quick visual of the things left “todo” etc. without having to open each folder in the cork board view to see this. Is there a better way to achieve this ?



I would try using the Outliner view. Select the parent folder, press Cmd-1, and you should be able to read the titles better. The columns displayed, and their widths, can be adjusted. The nice thing about Outliner for this purpose, as opposed to the Corkboard, is that you can display multiple folders at once, and use the arrows to display their children items.

Not stamps, but you can turn on icon tinting in the View menu. It is near the bottom.

Thanks for the tip on outliner view. I will give it a try and see how I get on with it.