Binder Items, Mysteriously Doubled & Duplicated

The number of binder items has doubled & duplicated, but the number of actual files hasn’t changed, so there are redundant binder items, but nervous about deleting. There are over 2000 files.


Not a Windows user…

I wouldn’t delete anything without initially duplicating the project to have a backup to call on.

If unable to resolve the issue any other way, I would either work on a duplicate of the project or start a new project and drag/copy the files I wanted to the new project.

Can Windows do a “save and rebuild indexes”? Worth a try?

Are you using a cloud service?

If yes …


Briar Kit

Thank you,for your response, Briar Kit.

“I wouldn’t delete anything without initially duplicating the project to have a backup to call on.”

Yes, I’m experimenting, at the moment, with a copy of the entire project, as you have suggested. This has occurred before, so had to do “drag/copy” then. Not really into going through that again, if a better way can be found.

I’ve had behaviour similar to this: [from your link] “If I had an unpopulated version of a document (file created, not filled with text) in Jan31, and a populated (filled with text) version in Feb9; just by clicking on that empty file in Jan31 project, the empty file immediately filled with text from the Feb9 file!! It was like the text migrated via telepathy. This was with NO copy/paste/drag/drop action; all I did was click on the empty file and boom, text appeared.”
In my case, doing a Search, for content appearing in missing binder items, ‘magically’ gets them to appear.

Yes, have tried “save and rebuild indexes”, once or twice.
Not using a cloud service, just local use, on PC.

Should add, there are two sets of ‘Draft’, ‘Research’, & ‘Trash’ folders.
Can’t delete either set, in the duplicated Project I’m experimenting with, even when they’re empty.

Sorry I haven’t been able to help more.

Hope you sort things out, or a mod or other user can help.


Briar Kit

You have been helpful, Briar, in getting to the next stage of specifying the issues. So, thank you.