Binder Items Not Colored in New Project

In my last project, the binder items, notecards, and synopsis were color coded based on the color of their label. In my new project, they are uncolored. How do I fix that (looked in options)?

Never mind, I found it by searching through the entire manual for the word color.

Please make it easy on your users by doing this simple thing:

Put all options in the options dialog.



How labels are displayed is project-specific, thus does not belong in the Options dialog, which is global. We are however working on reorganising the menus for the next major release.

Project level settings, such as where you want the window to be on the screen, how large, which outliner columns to display, where to tint labels and other such things can be set up by creating your own starter template (File/Save as Template…). Since project templates are just normal projects that have been frozen in that state, it also means you can set up preferred labels, keywords, even Binder items, boilerplate text and compile settings. Anything you can do with a project can be in a template.

That’s a good thing, and I would have used that feature, but the problem in this case was that I was using someone else’s template (a Snowflake template).

How labels are displayed is project-specific, thus does not belong in the Options dialog.

Okay, I see your thinking. I wonder if having an options page in that dialog for project-specific options would work (this is the best alternative). Or you could have a Tools menu option for “Project Options.” Or you could have an Options item on the Project menu.

To most users, displaying the color in the binder seems like an option–no different from displaying alternate colors in the outline, or choosing a color for the editor background. So he/she is going to look in the Options dialog. “It’s an option, so I choose ‘Tools/Options’”. Not finding it there is annoying, and is the kind of thing that leads to the impression that the app is “hard to use” or “has a complicated interface.”

The View menu is generally used for what you see, not how it looks.

That shouldn’t be an impediment to what I was saying. If I don’t care for some of the settings the original template author used, I can create a shell project, modify it to my preferences, and then save it as a template over the original (or maybe use a new name if I don’t want to disturb the original).