binder lock & quick looks

If I lock multiple documents in place in the editor and then click on a document in the binder to view it with quick looks the editor jumps to that document. Is there a way to prevent that?

Just to be clear, the lock is on the editor not the document. When you have the editor locked in place, the header bar will turn a dull red and stay that way so long as you do not manually navigate somewhere (like using the View/Go To menu). So long as the editor the Binder is set up to alter is the red one, it should not change when you click on stuff in the Binder. Of course if you have splits and lock the left but have the right one active (blue header bar) then the blue one will update, or if you have the left one locked and selected (the right header bar is grey), but View/Binder Affects/ is set to “Right Editor Only”, then it won’t matter if the left one is locked because the left one is never targeted by binder clicks. :slight_smile: